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Using advanced translation and quality assurance technologies is already a standard in our industry. That’s why we move forward and introduce a special translation management system.

Translation Management System - XTRF certified user (TMS) Currently we use XTRF TMS, innovative platform, supporting the work of translation agencies, covering almost all areas of an agency’s activity. XTRF is a management system for translation agencies that helps to organize and control the translation project and workflow, to work with customers and subcontractors within an online portal, to issue and manage the invoices, quickly prepare the quotes and to control the quality assurance processes.

TMS: important to our CLIENTS

Our regular clients have the possibility to access our client portal. This is the solution for smoother and more comfortable cooperation between us. Thanks to this platform you will automatically see your business reports and thus analyze the whole process organized by us, total cost of services as well as value of all the invoices and savings with our flexible discount system.
The portal facilitates the requesting process and so you will significantly reduce your precious time by assigning the job to us with just one-click.

By using our client portal you are able to control the status of the assigned project as well as upload and download files yourself without any mediators. All the data added by you is automatically synchronized within the system so we are able to communicate faster and act up to your complete satisfaction with our services.

TMS: important to our LINGUISTS

Just as the clients have their own place in our system with separate access and profile, all the approved linguist working with us have their own account with detailed information about their experience, rates, availability and language pairs.

The linguists are free to add all the information by themselves and after approving the information the person will be added to our database. In case of a potential project any of our managers will have the access to the linguist’s contact information and thus assign the project quickly and effectively.

So if you want to join our system and be evaluated with us, please do not hesitate to fill in the short application form.