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Terminology management

Terminology management

When introducing new products or services onto the market, efficient and properly organized terminology management is key. A consistent terminology is also important when translating technical specifications or localizing websites and promotional materials.

Effective terminology management

Effective terminology management begins even before the first document is created. It is worth noting that terminology management can be costly. However, having no terminology management policy will cost even more.

Having a glossary ready at their disposal, translators, engineers and authors utilize only approved terminology, and their compliance with the company nomenclature can easily be verified with dedicated software.

In the case of no glossary, the product and the entire documentation have to be checked manually. Manual terminology checks (often hundreds or even thousands of pages or lines of code) mean that many errors will not be detected, and the cost of corrections will be extremely high.

Centralized terminology management shortens the time needed to introduce the product or service onto the market. It also means money saved on subsequent translation projects, as well as consistency and structured technical or marketing documentation.

Glossary maintenance

For those companies that have regular translation requirements, we offer a solution that will help to take control over all industry-specific terms used within your company.

If you ever had problems with identifying and arranging the company- or industry-specific terms, it is high time to consider creating a glossary.
Such a glossary, which is usually a bilingual or multilingual corporate dictionary of specialized terms, ensures that the translation of key words across multiple translation jobs is perfectly consistent. A professionally created and managed glossary is your key to speeding up the whole translation process withing your company.

Terminology management services

  • Preparing or editing project glossaries,
  • Verifying, updating, and correcting terminology in Client’s existing projects,
  • Compiling, testing and managing terminology bases in different formats,
  • Creating terminology banks based on previous projects,
  • Converting term lists into terminology bases.
  • All of the above services make it possible to achieve consistency and accuracy of the terminology in current and future linguistic projects.

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