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VeroLing Standard Quality Assurance Process

At VeroLing Translation Agency we adhere to a strict quality assurance policy. We are committed to producing fast and accurate translations that meet all your requirements.

We want you to address us again and again. This is why the translation you order is always processed by a highly qualified linguist who has at least 5 years of experience in delivering high quality translations in a given specialization.

We find Quality Assurance to be the key element of our translation management process. We aspire to deliver high-quality translations and constantly improve all our internal processes. Being a reliable language service provider, VeroLing Translation Agency designed specific Quality Assurance Process bearing in mind the best practices of checking the correctness, appropriate style, glossary and terms consistency.

VeroLing Standard Quality Assurance Process

Each phase is discussed with a Client and we take good care in order to satisfy all the demands. Alternatively, a Client may help our translation and review teams with some particular terms concerning the specific nature of the source or target area of translation. But there is no need to assist in our Quality Assurance Process as VeroLing Translation Agency takes care to find and to aggregate only certified and experienced linguists. We just want to point out that we are always open for cooperation.

Translation Phase
Step 1 Project Acceptance Everything starts from your contacting our Project Manager. Feel free to place your quote and our managers will shortly provide you with the detailed information on every point you have. That’s where the collaboration starts.
Step 2 Project Analysis At this point we perform the preliminary examination of the text and together with you agree the rates, dates and terms of our cooperation.
Upon your request our translators may use different CAT tools which are designed to provide glossary and terms consistency – NOT machine translation. At VeroLing Translation Agency we offer only human translations.
Step 3 Translation After settling all the details we assign the project to a translator (team of translators) and reviewers who are highly qualified linguists having at least 5 years of experience in delivering quality translations in a given specialization.
Quality Assurance Phase
Step 1 Editing By editing we presuppose comparing the translated file to the source one in order to identify and alter all the errors that may concern accuracy, style or terminology inconsistencies and other mistakes. In case a team of translators was working on a project, our qualified editors do their best to ensure the consistency in the translated file.
Step 2 Proofreading With the help of our experienced proofreaders we carefully check the target text to correct all the typing errors, punctuation, formatting and everything that was not corrected by the translator or editor. Summing up, with proofreading we are trying to support our translators and to spot them for accuracy, style and grammar. We always engage only linguists with valuable knowledge of the relevant field.
Step 3 DTP (if required) Whenever the DTP services are required by the Client, our Quality Assurance Manager will do yet another step and will check if all the font types, colors, pictures and style in general correspond to the original file.
Final Phase
Step 1 Final Inspection At this step our Quality Assistance Manager will make certain that all the steps were done and terms were carefully observed and that the final product – translated file – is ready to be presented to a Client.
Step 2 Project Delivery The translated and proofread document is now ready to be sent to the Client. On this step we may ask you to leave a feedback for us. Thus we will take care about future assignments from you and modernize the already existing processes.

Our managers will take their time to explain all the steps of our cooperation.
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