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QA tools

QA tools

At VeroLing we always adhere to a strict quality assurance policy. Just as with CAT tools for translation and proofreading processes, there are also special tools for quality assurance processes implemented in our translation agency.

Translation Quality Assurance software (also TQA or QA tools) is used to compare the source and the target versions of the text. Actually, these are bilingual segments of texts that we carefully check in order to detect all possible translation errors, misprints, consistency of terminology, compliance with project glossaries, omissions as well as punctuation, capitalization and number value or formatting errors.

In our everyday work we use such Translation Quality Assurance software as:

Apsic Xbench ApSIC Xbench enables us to provide powerful quality assurance and terminology management process. Xbench has a variety of useful predefined quality checks for completeness, consistency, numbers, tags, key terms.
QA Distiller QA Distiller helps to detect formal errors in translations and translation memories, and enables their quick and easy correction. This QA tool identifies such problems as omissions, terminology errors, formatting problems and inconsistencies. QA Distiller is able to process the files in batches and supports language dependent settings.
D.O.G. ErrorSpy ErrorSpy is mainly used by our revisers. All the translations are to be checked for a range of characteristics. Thus revisers receive a list of errors which are to be edited.