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Day by day VEROLING works and improves the already existing working scheme in order to be able and offer you not just translation services. Proofreading is an essential step of every project we undertake and we never omit it.
VeroLing pricing policy already includes translation and proofreading by a separate qualified linguist (native of the target language) unless another option is required. That’s how we support our translators and ensure that every single point is checked.

Moreover, if you already have your text translated and feel that it needs rework, review or refinement, feel free to address our project managers.

We try to cover all possible areas and to form our own bank of proofreaders with expertise in a wide range of disciplines. We are extremely picky while selecting and hiring proofreaders. VeroLing does not give job to faceless and newly qualified proofreaders. We personally select our language experts, and each of them is highly respected by our company. All of our proofreaders are native in their target language, well-educated (mostly MA, some of them hold a PhD), with extensive and valuable experience.

Our final “product” does not have to be corrected by others. Should you be disappointed by the services provided by others, we will verify and correct everything for you.

Our managers will take their time to explain all the steps of our cooperation.
For a free and instant quote call us on +48 881 471 800 or simply email us.