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New product was introduced to a foreign market and remained unnoticed? Distribution of imported goods sustained losses? The company has many clients in the local market, but cannot break abroad?
The LOCALIZATION may help you to change the face of your company.

What is localization ( l10n)

Localization service is a broader concept of translation and other language services. It is a complex approach towards translation due to the additionally developed terminology, consistency in technical specifications and requirement for multilingual DTP.

Which fields require localization first of all

  • Technical documents (digital and printed)
  • eLearning applications
  • Business systems
  • Websites
  • Online applications
  • Training materials
  • Marketing
  • Software

Localization is simply essential for the process of introducing products and services to new and diverse markets. The strong point of the localization is the standardized vocabulary that is built up after the initial translation is finished. This service requires interactive collaboration with the client and frequent consultations. This is actually quite an easy step due to the TMS system that VeroLing uses. We have managed to make it user-friendly to our clients so it does not require too much time.

Localization provides an analysis of the language in the target text so that the client can be sure that the message of his company will be well understood in the target country.

Moreover, the consistency is what we pay great attention to. We try to inform our clients that if the folder includes different terminology, other than the previous documentations, this may discourage many potential buyers. When they do not find things that are familiar for them, they would probably ignore the message. That is why it is all about ensuring the consistency of the translated texts and developing terminology database not just for the current translators, but also for the customers to use in future.

What you should know about localization

  • Translation and localization are separate services.
  • Localization is performed by a group of professional linguists who are perfectly aware of the language itself, customs, and the peculiarities of the target country.
  • Localization often requires technical knowledge and special tools.
  • The literal translation is ineffective and does not reflect the content.
  • The client should monitor the process as this will help to understand the needs of the company and to deliver the project the target audience effectively.
  • Consistent terminology bases and translation memories are

Although the price per one page will probably be higher than the translation only but once invested, the professionally provided service will help you to earn much more in quite a short period of time. The globalization forces to create content in multiple languages and that is why we offer a complex solution for our clients to move with the times.

How to order localization

Our managers will take their time to explain all the steps of our cooperation.
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