Protection Status

EN 15038:2006

EN 15038:2006

EN 15038 standard is an internationally recognized quality standard developed especially for translation industry and it specifies the requirements for language service providers (LSPs) and also confirms that the high quality of services remains on the highest level.
VeroLing fully adheres to the requirements of European Norm EN 15038:2008 and has successfully passed all the steps of the audit. VeroLing was awarded EN 15038:2008 certificate provided by ASMS. By this we want to show both our commitment to general organizational quality management as well as the quality for translation-specific processes.
ASMS assessed VeroLing on the following factors:

  • Quality management
  • Project management
  • Evaluation of processes and workflows
  • Human resources qualifications
  • Client-provider procedures
  • Technical resources available

Benefits of EN 15038 implementation:

  • We improve the level of our services
  • Our clients can trust us
  • We show high-quality results
  • Our employees are equipped with strict guidelines for every task
  • We know how to select providers professionally
  • Our sign of a well-organized company
  • We truly deliver understanding to everyone