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CAT tools

CAT tools

Nowadays, every second person faces situations when linguistic support may be highly needed. Fast and quality translation services become more and more popular and demanded. And as the first computers appeared the translation sphere itself was bound to go through some changes. Step by step new technologies started to gain linguists’ attention as since that time their turnaround time and quality of services has changed positively. Now they try to develop their own vocabularies and thus be competitive in the market. But what differs a separate linguist from a translation agency is that we constantly do our best to invest in modern technologies. Nowadays the translation industry becomes more and more involved in using Translation Memories (TMs) and CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation tools).

The CAT tools market is quite wide and one may be puzzled by the variety of the functions, formats or interfaces. Translators decide what they want to use personally and translation agencies develop their own policies on CAT tools requirement and thus cooperate with certain companies. At VeroLing we have chosen the SDL TRADOS Technologies.

translation agency polish SDL Trados Studio 2015 We use SDL Trados Studio Professional 2015 on a regular basis and due to our flexibility we can also execute projects in an older version (Trados Translator’s Workbench, SDL Trados 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2014). This solution enables us to manage all the steps of a translation process successfully and thus offer the best translation services in the market.

CAT tools must not be confused with machine translation. The latter lacks accuracy as it relies on machines to execute the translation, making the resulting product quite unattractive. CAT tools and TMs are just two ways to approach and automate the translation process with the help of adequate software.

Translation Memory (TM) is a so-called database where the already translated units are placed for future use in order to keep the consistency of the documents for this or that client. While working with the TM applications translators have the text divided into segments. Each of them is translated carefully and then added to the translation base of the project we create strictly for the client’s assignment. In other words, we will always keep in mind the sphere and the specifics of your texts. We also try to reduce the total cost of our services as we do not want to make you pay for what has already been translated, let’s say two weeks ago. Whenever repetitions occur, translators only have to confirm and/or change it without typing it all over again. It always allows us to save some time and to deliver your translation faster so you do not have to wait.