Every person who is at least slightly interested in the latest developments in technology and telecommunications knows what the Android system is and what its characteristic logo looks like. The green robot stands for the smart phone’s operating system and is grown together with the product to such a great extent that it is hard to believe it was created on purpose and with a great effort in order to promote the software. The symbol diverts attention from the main product, becoming its characteristic feature rather than just an additional element.


When it comes to the creation process of one of the most recognizable trademarks in the world, there are various speculations as to what the inspiration behind its final look was – one of them could be a simplified model of the R2D2 robot from Star Wars. The most popular hypothesis connected to the current image of this nice robot refers to one of the characters from Gauntlet: The Third Encounter, a computer game popular in the mid-90s. The character was also called Android and its shape resembles the current logo as well. The body shape and characteristic antennas are nearly identical. The only thing that makes them different is their colour.

Irina Blok, the designer of the logo, admitted that she had wanted to create a universal symbol that is recognizable all around the world. She also aimed at making it easy to adapt to by everyone – regardless of their cultural background. The only instruction she got before engaging in this difficult task was that it needed to be a robot. Blok does not deny that she looked for inspiration in virtually all images of robots, but in the end she was inspired by simplified visualizations of a man and a woman, which are universal pictograms found pretty much everywhere these days.

As you can see, she was indeed successful because the Android trademark has become an intercultural symbol of the product that is recognized globally. It has entered the group of the most catchy and characteristic symbols leading customers directly to given brands they stand for. The Android logo has become a bit of a star in its category, just like the Starbucks siren or the “bitten” apple of Apple.