This year at Targi Książki (Book Fair) Kraków, taking place from October 22-25 2015,  it was noticeable that the hunger for literature has not relented, at least in this region. Both halls of the Expo Center were packed fuller than during any other exhibition with the greatest diversity of attendees. The young, the old, and the in-between all flocked to the Expo center throughout all four of the days of the fair. As far as exhibitors go, all of the bases were covered with booths representing fiction, nonfiction, comic books, academic books, periodicals, religious books, and children’s books, just to name the obvious.

Authors could be found signing books and speaking with enthusiasts of their work at different booths around the complex. Representatives of Wybory Literackie could also be found weaving their way through the crowds of visitors and collecting votes for the favorite Polish literary authors. Comic book authors could could also be seen drawing an original scene for some of their biggest fans at the comic book section of the event.

The cashiers of each stand did not have any time to relax during any part of the fair as books were being sold, many times at discount, continuously. It was virtually impossible for any visitor to leave the event without a book, because of the great variety of exhibitors as well as the fact that there were some exhibitors offering free giveaways.

We, VEROLING, could not afford to miss such a big event. Our representatives were there to talk to our current partners and to reach out to those of whom we have not had the opportunity to work with in the past. Many new acquaintances were made during our visit to the fairs and we are eager to support our new contacts with any of their linguistic needs.