VEROLING Translation Agency is launching a new promotional campaign on 1st September, 2017 called Portuguese Week. Its aim is to support companies in their export activities to regions that use Portuguese language.


About the Portuguese language

Portuguese language is used by more than 270 million people around the world. It is the official language in 10 countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola. It has two official branches: Brazilian and European, as well as numerous, not normalized dialects which differ mainly in pronunciation.
Portuguese is also one of the official languages in the European Union.

Expand your business to Portuguese-speaking markets

Both Brazil and Portugal are countries with extraordinary potential for export companies. Day by day marketing and export experts pull through an unbelievably hard task that is realizations of company’s export evolution plans. Each company dabbling in export knows how important is for campaigns and advertisements to be well fitted to the region they are destined for. Their customization is a part of so-called localization process.

It is also important for all official documents to be correctly translated and completed, and for the contact with the customer to run smoothly and professionally.

VEROLING translation agency provides support for documentation and multimedia content of companies that travels to foreign administration, distributors and end users. A good example is the translation of technical documentation, patents, any kind of promotional campaigns in Portuguese in the press, radio and television, social networking sites and search engines.

Portuguese week – don’t stall, act right now!

Promotional campaign Portuguese week aims not only to show companies opportunities available thanks to export to Portuguese-speaking countries, but also popularization of linguistic services that make it easier to acquire a query from a new client on the above-mentioned markets.
Thanks to us you will be sure that all the documents that you must submit in a foreign language are completed correctly and that there will be no catastrophic misunderstanding between you and the client. There will be “lost in translation” effect ;)

During the promotion period (01.09 to 08.09.2017), new customers get special assistance in organizing documentation (creating or editing a corporate glossary, preparing a SEO report of a company’s Portuguese website and other materials prepared by a different language service provider) as well as developing a consistent language strategy based on the current needs and export plans of the company.
Order two of our services and get a 5% discount on the cheaper one (7% for recurring clients)! Portuguese week promotion in VEROLING covers all translation services provided by our company in language combinations: English, German, Polish»Portuguese and Portuguese»Polish, English, German with particular focus on the following:

  • Technical translations
  • Translation and localization of websites (multi-regional and multilingual)
  • Oral translations to and from Portuguese
  • Marketing campaigns and running Facebook pages in several languages, including Portuguese
  • Google AdWords promotional campaigns in Portuguese
  • Preparing publications in Portuguese for print
  • Copywriting: marketing/advertisement texts in Portuguese

On client’s request, all services are offered in two variants of Portuguese language to choose from:

  • European Portuguese pt-PT (Portugal, Macau, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, East Timor, Sao Tome and Principe)
  • Brazilian Portuguese pt-BR, which is used in Japan, Paraguay, Suriname and Uruguay.

How to take advantage of the Portuguese week promotion?

Are you interested in “Portuguese cuisine”? Check out the recipes for export to Portugal and Brazil:

  1. Select translation services that interest you;
  2. Submit your query or documents (for price quote), using the “Free quote” form;
  3. Type in the special discount code #20170901BOMDIA. Soon after we get the quote request you will receive a cost estimate;
  4. The End!

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