At VEROLING we adhere to a strict quality assurance policy producing fast and accurate translations that meet all your requirements. Thinking about Russian or Polish translation project? Get 14% discount on your first translation project with VEROLING!


We at VEROLING are very keen to show how we could be of service to you as a potential client, both now and in the future. That is why we offer you a 14% discount* on your first Polish or Russian project with VEROLING Translation Agency. See the full list of our services.

The special offer applies to translation projects of 1000 words or more which are to be done in a CAT tool and are not already in progress. They should arrive from our new customers on 14-28 February 2014.
The 14% discount will be applied automatically upon your receipt of the first quote from our project manager.
*The discount does not apply to urgent orders.

To use our special offer, please fill in the quotation form below: