Exports to the Netherlands, Belgium and Dutch-speaking countries

With VEROLING, the sky is the limit. VEROLING Translation Agency is launching a new promotional campaign on 25th August, 2017 called Dutch Week. It continues the popular #PERFECTTIME campaign, which aims to support companies in their export activities. The current promotion focuses on the Dutch and Belgian markets, as well as other Dutch-speaking countries.

Trnalsation from English, German French into Dutch Week language campaign exports to the Netherlands Belgium

About the Dutch language

Dutch (in Belgium: Flemish) is used by around 27 million people. It’s an official language of the Netherlands proper, Belgium, Suriname and the former Netherlands Antilles. It shares a lot of similarities with both German and English.

Expand your business to Dutch-speaking markets

Thanks to its highly developed marine infrastructure and favorable geographical location, the Netherlands is an attractive export market. Add to that excellent air, rail and road transport networks and we have got all the ingredients of a market that is appealing to a wide spectrum of businesses.

Belgium has been significant European player for many years, as well. Companies develop and implement their export strategy for the Belgian market in a variety of ways. These include marketing campaigns, attracting new customers, participating in tenders and many other activities.

VEROLING helps businesses deliver their documentation and multimedia content to foreign institutions, distributors and – finally – end users. Whether it’s patents, technical documentation, EU grant applications or marketing campaigns in Dutch / Flemish, we can get your message across to the media, social networks or search engines.

Dutch Week – Don’t miss your chance to enter the Dutch market!

Our “Dutch Week” campaign aims to show companies the opportunities that come with exporting to Dutch-speaking countries, and also to popularize linguistic services which help generate leads from customers on those markets. VEROLING’s services help eliminate the language barrier between you and your client and make sure that all your documents are filled out correctly to avoid any misunderstandings. During the promotion period (25.08 to 1.09.2017), new customers get special assistance in organizing documentation (creating or editing a corporate glossary, preparing a SEO report of a company’s Dutch/Flemish website and other materials prepared by a different language service provider) as well as developing a consistent language strategy based on the current needs and export plans of the company. Order two of our services and get a 5% discount on the cheaper one (7% for recurring clients)! VEROLING’s Dutch Week campaign covers all of our linguistic services.

How to benefit from our Dutch Week promo

  1. Choose one of our linguistic services.
  2. Send us your documents by clicking on the “Free Quote” button.
  3. Enter this promo code #20170825GOEDEDAG in the form. Submit the request – our quotation will be sent as soon as possible.
  4. Done!

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