Conferences in Translation Studies 2017

The conferences in translation studies are a great opportunity to meet VEROLING Translation Agency. Meet us at the conferences in translation studies listed below.

Date Name Country Link
1/29/2017 AIETI7, New Horizon in Translation and Interpreting Studies Spain Website
2/5/2017 10th Brno International Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies Czech Republic Website
2/7/2017 Theoretical Frameworks and Methodologies: Research in Translation Studies. Third Durham Postgraduate Colloquium UK Website
2/19/2017 International Colloquium on Multilingualism and Interpreting in Settings of Globalisation: Asylum and Migration Belgium Website
3/2/2017 Economics, Linguistic Justice and Language Policy Germany Website
3/2/2017 Plurilingualism and Orality in Translation India Website
3/2/2017 Symposium “Economics, Linguistic Justice and Language Policy” Germany Website
3/5/2017 Translators at Work: Ergonomic Approaches to Translation Practice and Training France Website
3/9/2017 1st International Virtual Conference: Translation of Languages for Specific Purposes Spain Website
3/9/2017 La traducción de lenguas para fines específicos: italiano versus otras lenguas Spain Website
3/14/2017 Translation and Interpretation in Transition: Reflecting on the Past, Preparing for the Future Canada Website
3/19/2017 Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description Spain Website
3/23/2017 Translating the Gulf: Beyond Fault Lines Qatar Website
3/25/2017 New Job Opportunities in Translation and Interpreting: Challenges for University Programmes and Language Services Providers Portugal Website
3/26/2017 Queering Translation – Translating the Queer Austria Website
3/26/2017 International Conference on Professional Communication and Translation Studies. Romania Website
3/27/2017 Anglophone Translations of the Classics and The History of Sexuality UK Website
3/27/2017 Leeds Postgraduate Translation and Interpreting Conference – From Current Trends to Future Insights UK Website
3/28/2017 Monterey Forum 2017: Educating Translators, Interpreters and Localizers in an Evolving World USA Website
4/1/2017 STIAL V: V Simposio de Traducción/Interpretación del/al Alemán Spain Website
4/9/2017 Translation and Globalization Canada Website
4/10/2017 Comics and Adaptation in the European Context UK Website
4/10/2017 XIII Symposium on Translation and Interpreting (KäTu2017) Finland Website
4/15/2017 Annual International Conference on LSP Teaching and Specialized Translation Skills Training in Higher Education Institutions Russia Website
4/16/2017 Translation and Interpreting: New Voices on the Marketplace Tunisia Website
4/16/2017 Translation and Interpreting: New Voices on the Marketplace Tunisia Website
4/16/2017 Translation and Interpreting: New Voices on the Marketplace Tunisia Website
4/17/2017 General and Specialist Translation / Interpretation: Theory, Methods, Practice Ukraine Website
4/17/2017 Llengües i cultures en contacte: el català i l’Europa actual. Diàlegs culturals mitjançant traduccions literàries Romania Website
4/20/2017 Traductologie et géopolitique Canada Website
4/20/2017 Current Issues of Linguistics Russia Website
4/23/2017 ITI conference: Renew, Rejuvenate, Regenerate – Translating and interpreting in an evolving world UK Website
4/24/2017 IMIA Congress USA Website
4/24/2017 Time to Translate ⇔Translation in Time USA Website
4/25/2017 New Horizons in Translation Technology Hong Kong Website
4/25/2017 Spring Into Action 2017: Planting the seeds of professional success for linguists USA USA Website
4/30/2017 Translating the Past: Studies in the Transmission of Literature Across Time and Space Canada Website
4/30/2017 Convention of Northeast Modern Language Association Canada Website
4/30/2017 Théorie et pratique : un mariage de raison? Journée étudiante en traduction et terminologie Canada Website
5/1/2017 CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies, Literary Translation and Canada Canada Website
5/1/2017 Business and Practice conference for freelance translators Croatia Website
5/1/2017 Translation in Transition USA Website
5/7/2017 Traduction et Politique – Translation and Politics Belgium Website
5/7/2017 Corpus-based Interpreting Studies: The State of the Art First Forlì International Workshop Italy Website
5/7/2017 Authenticity and Imitation in Translation and Culture Poland Website
5/8/2017 5th Biannual Graduate Student Translation Conference USA Website
5/15/2017 National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) 36th Annual Conference USA Website
5/20/2017 Literary translation as creation France Website
5/21/2017 Maastricht Session of 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on “Translation and Meaning Netherlands Website
5/27/2017 The Fictions of Translation Canada Website
5/27/2017 Translating Creolization Barbados Website
5/27/2017 Transfiction 3 Canada Website
5/28/2017 Computer Aided Translation tools France Website
5/29/2017 Encuentro Latinoamericano de Traducción Audiovisual Mexico Website
6/1/2017 Literary Translation and Canada Canada Website
6/1/2017 Middlebury Bread Loaf Translators’ Conference United States Website
6/4/2017 Translating Cultures Serbia Website
6/4/2017 Territories of Understanding: Conflict and Encounter UK Website
6/4/2017 Going East: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Travel and Intercultural Communication Romania Website
6/10/2017 Metaphors in/and/of Translation: 5th specialised seminar of the International Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor Netherlands Website
6/11/2017 DICOEN VIII – Eighth International Conference in Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise Italy Website
6/12/2017 Respeaking, Live Subtitling and Accessibility Italy Website
6/12/2017 V Quinto Simposio Internazionale Italy Website
6/18/2017 PoeTransFi conference – Poetry/Translation/Film Poésie/Traduction/Film France Website
6/18/2017 Translation as Collaboration: Translaboration? United Kingdom Website
6/18/2017 Poetry/Translation/Film France Website
6/19/2017 Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics Poland Website
6/23/2017 Crisis, Conflict and Resolution: Translation and Interpreting in History Australia Website
6/24/2017 Transius: Law, Translation and Culture Switzerland Website
6/25/2017 Translation and the Idea of World Literature Russia Website
6/26/2017 Recent European (Re)translations of Shakespeare; seminar at ESRA conference UK Website
6/26/2017 Eco-Translatology Taiwan Website
6/29/2017 2nd Workshop on Multi-word Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology MUMTTT 2017 Spain Website
7/1/2017 Consécutivité & Simultanéité / Consecutivity & Simultaneity France Website
7/2/2017 Translating Woolf/Woolf en traduction France Website
7/3/2017 International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies Spain Website
7/3/2017 VI International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies and East Asian Studies Spain Website
7/7/2017 Innovation Paths in Translation and Intercultural Studies, IATIS 5th International Conference Brazil Website
7/8/2017 Game Localization: Translating Fun in the Digital Age Austria Website
7/8/2017 20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes Austria Website
8/10/2017 Translating pain: An International Forum on Language, Text and Suffering Australia Website
8/19/2017 Translation’s horizons: back to the future Colloquium for the 60th Anniversary of META Canada Website
8/25/2017 CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies, Translation and Humour, St. John’s Malaysia Website
8/25/2017 The 15th International Conference on Translation: Synergising the Translation Community Malaysia Website
8/31/2017 Integrating Multimodality in the study of Dialogue Interpreting United Kingdom Website
9/1/2017 La création lexicale en situation : texte, genres,cultures France Website
9/2/2017 Limerick conference: Association of German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland Ireland Website
9/4/2017 Assessment in translator training UK Website
9/8/2017 Translating the Literatures of Small Nations UK Website
9/8/2017 Translating the Literatures of Small European Nations United Kingdom Website
9/10/2017 Translauthors Belgium Website
9/10/2017 Talking to the World 2: The Relevance of Translation and Interpreting – Past, Present and Future UK Website
9/10/2017 Synchrony and Diachrony in Translation, Interpretation and Terminology Romania Website
9/11/2017 European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) Poland Website
9/16/2017 6th International Conference Media for All Australia Website
9/17/2017 Atlantic Communities: Translation, Mobility, Hospitality Spain Website
9/17/2017 Communicating Science in Translation. Challenges of Scientific Translation in 21st Century Poland Website
9/18/2017 Von der SprachVERmittlung zur Sprachmittlung Austria Website
9/18/2017 International Shakespeare Conference: Translation, Adaptation, Performance USA Website
9/23/2017 Media for All: 6th International conference Australia Website
9/24/2017 The First International TransLingua Conference Poland Website
10/1/2017 Prismatic Translation United Kingdom Website
10/6/2017 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Teaching, Literature and Translation Studies Iran Website
10/8/2017 Some Holmes and Popovič in all of us? Slovakia Website
10/8/2017 Young Researchers’ Conference on Translation and Interpreting Spain Website
10/15/2017 Interdisciplinary Encounters: Dimensions of Interpreting Studies Poland Website
10/15/2017 Translation’s Voices: translate, transform, reform Italy Website
10/15/2017 Interdisciplinary Encounters: Dimensions of Interpreting Studies Poland Website
10/16/2017 The Quickening of the Senses: Translating for the Stage France Website
10/22/2017 Translation & Revolution – 9th International Colloquium on Translation Studies Portugal Website
10/23/2017 Re-interpret Interpreting – JoinIn 2017 Poland Website
10/28/2017 Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting United Kingdom Website
10/29/2017 Translating Europe Forum: Young people and the Translation Profession Belgium Website
11/4/2017 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA USA Website
11/5/2017 Cognitive Research on Translation and Interpreting Macao Website
11/13/2017 Graduate Conference in Translation Studies Canada Website
11/14/2017 Border Crossing or Border Creation? UK Website
11/20/2017 OTTIAQ Conference Canada Website
11/20/2017 InDialog – Community Interpreting in Dialogue with Technology Germany Website
11/26/2017 The Orient in Translation: Asian languages, literatures and cultures in the Luso Space Portugal Website
11/26/2017 Translating and the Computer 37 Conference United Kingdom Website
11/27/2017 Sixth International Symposium on Teaching Translation and Interpreting: Translation/Interpreting Teaching and the Bologna Process Germany Website
11/29/2017 Translation/Interpreting Teaching and the Bologna Process Germany Website
12/10/2017 Translation in Exile Belgium Website