30Mar 2017
#VeroWednesday2u Website localization and multilingual copywriting translation corporate clients

Expansion to foreign markets is very sexy, as it leads to increased sales. Do you need multilingual copywriting or professional website localization to Central and Eastern European languages? Order any of these services before Saturday and get an incredible 29% discount!

14Aug 2015

You must give us a discount… …because we are a new client. …because we are an old client. …because this job is for a new client. …because this job is for an old client. …because last time you gave us a discount. …because last time you didn’t give us a discount. …because you always give […]

28Jan 2014

Here are 40 undeniable rules of Project Management. Anyone who has worked in this interesting domain will sure be able to relate to most of those points. “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” Douglas Adams 1. It takes one woman nine months to have a baby. It […]

20Jan 2014

Many Polish entrepreneurs would like to enter international markets. In today’s Europe without borders it is much easier to achieve. The easier it is to enter foreign markets, the stronger the competition will be as well. Especially at the beginning, companies find it hard to establish themselves on a new, foreign market. How to raise […]