17Nov 2014

The tekom annual conference together with the tcworld conference and tekom fair is the largest global event for all companies that provide services and develop software pertaining to technical communication. VEROLING was among those who attended the tekom and tcworld conference this year. The fair welcomed about 4100 participants and fair visitors from all over […]

14Apr 2014

American history enthusiasts from RandomHistory.com conducted excellent research into the history of advertising, that is the most significant and influential form of contemporary art. Fascinating trivia, amazing statistics, intriguing historical events associated with the development of the advertising industry – find out all of that and more in this article. A York University study revealed […]

04Apr 2014

Exploration of new places is often enhanced by tasting local food. It offers great insight into the cultural complexities of a given country. Inspired by travelling, Henry Hargreaves together with Caitlin Levin created a series of “food maps”, portraying several countries in the form of ingredients most closely associated with those countries. Meticulously crafted, using […]

28Jan 2014

Here are 40 undeniable rules of Project Management. Anyone who has worked in this interesting domain will sure be able to relate to most of those points. “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” Douglas Adams 1. It takes one woman nine months to have a baby. It […]

20Jan 2014

Many Polish entrepreneurs would like to enter international markets. In today’s Europe without borders it is much easier to achieve. The easier it is to enter foreign markets, the stronger the competition will be as well. Especially at the beginning, companies find it hard to establish themselves on a new, foreign market. How to raise […]