21May 2016

Have you ever wondered what language a particular webpage or blog might be in? You might think: ‘What language is this?’ How many can you guess correctly? Test your knowledge on this online quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.

04Nov 2015

This year at Targi Książki (Book Fair) Kraków, taking place from October 22-25 2015,  it was noticeable that the hunger for literature has not relented, at least in this region. Both halls of the Expo Center were packed fuller than during any other exhibition with the greatest diversity of attendees. The young, the old, and […]

24Sep 2015
Happy National Punctuation Day!

That’s right, every holiday is a good chance to celebrate. That is why linguists, translators, teachers and philologists, at least in the USA, have an additional day to remember.

14Aug 2015

You must give us a discount… …because we are a new client. …because we are an old client. …because this job is for a new client. …because this job is for an old client. …because last time you gave us a discount. …because last time you didn’t give us a discount. …because you always give […]

28Jul 2015

We are proud to announce that on 28 July, 2015 we became members of tekom Europe, the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. We hope that our cooperation with this organisation will broaden our outlook and give us valuable insights into the state of our industry. We firmly believe VEROLING can benefit from a […]

15Feb 2015

At VEROLING we adhere to a strict quality assurance policy producing fast and accurate translations that meet all your requirements. Thinking about Russian or Polish translation project? Get 14% discount on your first translation project with VEROLING!

17Nov 2014

The tekom annual conference together with the tcworld conference and tekom fair is the largest global event for all companies that provide services and develop software pertaining to technical communication. VEROLING was among those who attended the tekom and tcworld conference this year. The fair welcomed about 4100 participants and fair visitors from all over […]

14Apr 2014

American history enthusiasts from RandomHistory.com conducted excellent research into the history of advertising, that is the most significant and influential form of contemporary art. Fascinating trivia, amazing statistics, intriguing historical events associated with the development of the advertising industry – find out all of that and more in this article. A York University study revealed […]