Do you know that Charles Philip Arthur George’s (This is an official name of Charles, Prince of Wales) Aston Martin is powered by a white wine?

Ducal Aston Martin is a king in all sizes. To be more accurate, the engine runs on agricultural alcohol – bioethanol, dehydrated (< 1% of water) ethanol, obtained from wastes of not sold white wine in United Kingdom. Prince Charles enforced on the Aston Martin’s engineers redo the car, which he received from Elizabeth II for his 21 anniversary.

First mention of a car powered by Riesling comes from British press in 2008. On the occasion of 70th birthday of the heir to the British throne BBC made a documentary movie in which Prince Charles talks about his car and is once again emphasizing ecological value of this Aston Martin.

And also, it smells delicious as you’re driving along.

The son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip said that the royal train is powered by a vegetable oil at his request.

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