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Why does my company require translation, localization, multilingual copywriting and marketing?

7 reasons why VEROLING clients are happy

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. We have a saying “the greedy pay twice”, which very much applies to the translation industry as well. We know full well that in a bid to save money, companies will go for the cheapest option. They think “apart from their rates, what is the difference between translation agencies anyway”. Really?

  1. Data security and confidentiality

    In VEROLING, we use HTTPS – a protocol for secure communication. No more splitting big files and sending them by email, exposing your data to online threats. Our clients have access to a secure Consumer Portal. They know their data and communications is safely stored and transferred, and all of them, as well as our employees and partners, are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. We also accept quick and secure payment methods, such as credit cards (VISA or MasterCard), PayPal and Skrill.

  2. VeroQA quality assurance processes

    It’s good to be able to order translation, transcription, DTP and/or copywriting on the same spot. Even better if that kind of “supermarket” carefully verifies each product and constantly monitors the quality of each linguist’s work. You can easily verify that by ordering a test translation. It’s no surprise that for many companies, we are an external linguistic department. After all, a good translation is a trademark of almost any product or service.

  3. Highly qualified professionals

    The European standard for translation PN-EN 15038:2006* specifies the criteria of providing high quality translation and related services. This applies not only to the translation process itself but to all other aspects of that service as well, such as ensuring high quality by having another translator verify the work (the so-called second pair of eyes rule), editing, standardizing and automating term base and TM management processes, IT systems and CAT tools, data archiving and project management.

    *The successor standard to EN 15038:2006 has been available as ISO 17100:2015 since 1 May 2015.

  4. Individual approach to customers

    By using translation memories, approved glossaries and reference files, we create a corporate style, ensure terminological consistency and offer discounts (after all, we already know many of the translated phrases). We eliminate human error (completeness, punctuation, numbers, terms or proper names) but in the center remains a human — your personal advisor, who knows your needs and habits.

  5. Delivery service (world-wide) – within 1-72 hours!

    VEROLING offers courier services ideal for delivering items even on the same day. We provide local and international deliveries. Our partners — Inpost (Paczkomaty), DHL, Siódemka, UPS, DPD — ensure express delivery to all business areas in the world (220 countries).

  6. veroAgile practices and Customer Portal

    Translation and localization management can and must be agile! Our Customer Portal allows you to implement a linguistic strategy. You can use it to view your past translation orders, download e-invoices and contact our specialists in real time. It also allows you to instantly publish documents, fixes, and updates for your website/product to our team (for regular customers), as well as leverage BI capabilities.


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